Target Wants The Gift Cards You Don’t

While the gift card is a popular go-to in holiday shopping, a staggering number are left to languish in the bottom of purses, sock drawers and jewelry boxes nationwide. In 2014 alone, $750 million in gift cards went unspent, which makes firms like Cardpool (among others) who buy up gift cards for some percentage of their face value and resell them, a decent value for consumers.

Especially those who have gotten gift cards for stores they never go to.

And this year Target (at participating locations), is looking to get in on the action, according to The Star-Tribune. Consumers with cards they do not want can head straight to the “Mobility Kiosk” and offer customers a Target card in exchange for their card, valued in line with whatever the resale value of the card is.

The value so far looks like it might be a bit better online, but in-store is convenient for consumers who don’t want to mess with the mail. And, of course, it is good for Target, who already has the consumer in their store, gift card in hand.