Worldpay Adds Global Subscriptions

Payments processing company Worldpay announced a new partnership with ChargeBee, an online subscription and recurring billing management solutions provider, aimed at expanding its offerings to include an integrated global subscription billing solution.

“Our partnership with Worldpay will allow companies to streamline their billing and payment services, providing enhanced efficiency and helping to drive results for their business. Together with Worldpay, we offer innovative solutions in two critical areas — subscription billing and recurring payment processing — for businesses of any size and industry,” said Krish Subramanian, cofounder and CEO of ChargeBee.

The partnership comes at a time when consumers are increasingly preferring subscription-based services that empower them to only pay for the products they wish to use, said Worldpay CMO Kevin Dallas. “Our partnership with ChargeBee is a natural synergy, which delivers choice, value and peace of mind to companies using subscription billing or those looking to adopt this model to help them grow globally.”

One such company that tested out the recurring bill management solution being provided by the collaboration of Worldpay and ChargeBee is Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer support software provider, which is now capable of offering multi-currency payments to its customers around the world, according to a press release.

Upon adoption, Freshdesk reportedly saw its credit card acceptance rate jump by 5 percent. “Using the customized integration between Worldpay and ChargeBee, we’ve been able to scale quickly by accepting payments in local currencies and settle back into our currency of choice. Working with Worldpay has also opened up opportunities in Asia and Latin America for us by enabling alternative payment methods where credit card penetration is low,” said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshdesk.

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