Today In Payments: Visa Transaction Volumes Take Coronavirus Hit; Kabbage Furloughs Workers

Today in Payments

In today’s top payments news, Visa said transaction volumes have severely decreased due to social distancing coronavirus protocols, and small business lender Kabbage will furlough a significant number of its U.S. staff. Also, BNY Mellon names Thomas Gibbons CEO.

Visa Transaction Volumes Take Coronavirus Hit

Visa said it has been adversely affected by the limitations placed on people to avoid spreading the coronavirus, and its transaction volumes have severely decreased. The company said it would probably see mid-single-digit percentage growth in revenue in the second quarter.

Lender Kabbage Furloughs Workers, Warns Of SMB Cash Shortfall

Small business lender Kabbage said it would furlough a “significant number” of its 500-person U.S. staff and is closing operations in Bangalore, India.

BNY Mellon Names Thomas Gibbons CEO

Bank of New York Mellon named Thomas Gibbons CEO. Gibbons has acted as the bank’s interim CEO since September 2019 after Charles Scharf left to become the CEO of Wells Fargo.

Banks Look To Shoot Down Firms’ Revolver Drawdowns

Large U.S. banks have been “quietly discouraging” borrowers — among them larger, relatively safe borrowers — from gathering up cash by utilizing revolvers, variable lines of credit. Companies establish revolvers in order to tap into funding, as needed, to help blunt the impacts of revenue and cash flow volatility.

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