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Bazillion Beings Fuels The Bot-Driven World

Bazillion Beings AI bots

Bazillion Beings, a creator of bots driven by artificial technology, is out to prove that bots can actually replace simple applications. Through the creation of an “independent online life form” — or “Lifo” (life form) — artificially intelligent bots can deliver services to users.

TechCrunch reported that the bots are a combination of public APIs and other microservices that are algorithmically generated to create brand new services. Bazillion Beings’ bots also have an incentive to deliver — if they can make enough money to cover server costs, then they survive.

The most successful bots — those that make excess revenue — are cloned by the Bazillion Beings community with the addition of possible improvements. This enables the bots to adapt to preferences via machine learning and eventually evolve to provide more value to users and API providers, TechCrunch noted.

The idea is that Bazillion Beings’ community of smart bots could one day replace the need for a traditional app store altogether. The company sees bots as a faster, more intelligent and better route to providing services to users compared to smartphones.

Mark May, an analyst from Citigroup, recently highlighted just how booming the bot economy has become, especially compared to the app economy when it first arrived.

“Moves by players like Facebook to increasingly commercialize its Messenger platform and Apple’s recent announcement that it will launch an app/bot store specifically for iMessenger with the launch of iOS 10 point to a possible momentum shift in the mobile landscape from The App Economy to The Bot Economy,” May wrote, according to Bloomberg. He also noted that “there is significant potential for bots to become an everyday technology.”


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