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U.S. Bank Unifies Global Commercial Card Platforms

U.S. Bank is offering a new service to corporate card managers in need over overseeing company cards around the world.

Reports Monday (July 24) said U.S. Bank has launched a single platform through which commercial card managers can manage card programs regardless of where those cards are. According  to general manager Jeff Rankin, previously, separate platforms were needed for each region or for each issuing bank. Now, the portal unifies all of these cards, even if banks other than U.S. Bank issued the corporate card.

“The individual cards may be serviced by the local card issuer in that country or region, but we’re managing the overall program, doing a single contract throughout the world, underwriting the process, setting the credit limit and negotiating the pricing terms,” Rankin said.

According to reports, the solution uses Visa IntelliLink Spend Management and is available across 30 countries and in 17 currencies. Card managers can add or delete accounts, manage merchant codes, and modify credit limits, and the platform supports service in 20 different languages.

In bolstering its commercial card services, U.S. Bank has also added support for Apple Pay with its corporate card products as part of a broader effort to enhance corporate travel payments for business customers.

“Business travelers are increasingly expecting the same convenience and security in their business transactions as they experience with their personal transactions,” said U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems President Jeff Jones in a statement at the time. “Consumer use of mobile payments is growing every day. Launching a corresponding capability for business travelers is the next logical step.”


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