B2B Payments

GoCardless Brings Direct Debit Supplier Payments To Australia

GoCardless is expanding into Australia in an effort to support direct debit B2B payments to suppliers, reports in IT Wire said on Monday (Aug. 6).

The company is collaborating with small business accounting firm Xero to integrate its B2B payments capabilities into the platform. In a statement, Xero Australia Financial Industry Director Ian Boyd said the service will enhance B2B payments services for smaller firms.

“Direct debit payments in Australia have traditionally only been available for major companies [that] can afford the necessary complex systems and processes,” he said. “By working with GoCardless and making more payment options available, we are helping small business be as efficient and effective as big business.”

He added that the goal of the integration is to lessen the time it takes for businesses to chase down payments for outstanding invoices, and to accelerate cash flow for customers.

Businesses that sign up for GoCardless can have debits triggered on invoice due dates. Paid invoices are automatically marked in the Xero platform for easier reconciliation, the companies explained.

Xero and GoCardless already collaborate in the U.K., reports noted.

GoCardless’ expansion into Australia follows just days after the company revealed another partnership with accounts receivable firm Invoiced in the U.K. That partnership similarly sees GoCardless integrating its direct debit capabilities into the Invoiced platform to facilitate debit transfers for both B2C and B2C invoices issued via Invoiced.

But GoCardless isn’t the only player in this story expanding internationally. Xero, too, has broadened its global presence, most recently by launching in Canada last May. At the time, Xero also revealed a collaboration with Deloitte to link its corporate customers to ctrl by Deloitte, a way for businesses to more easily adopt digital solutions in a market where only 9 percent of businesses use cloud accounting software.



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