B2B Payments

Wirecard To Power B2B Payments On Mercateo

Payments company Wirecard has launched a new partnership with B2B networking platform Mercateo in a deal that will see the firm power B2B payments on the collaborative platform.

Reports on Thursday (March 1) said Wirecard is lending support for Mercateo Unite, a platform that connects buyers, retailers and manufacturers to facilitate B2B trade and procurement. Mercateo said in a press release that Wirecard will provide the platform with a custom accounts solution and provide same-day payment processing for transactions on Mercateo Unite.

Their partnership offers a scalable solution to more easily onboard users and support businesses’ digitization efforts when using Mercateo Unite to forge B2B partnerships and to transact.

“Our networking platform Unite digitally maps collaboration in business relations. For this reason, we are delighted about our new collaboration with Wirecard, which will allow our customers to manage their transactions digitally, thereby ensuring efficient purchasing and sales processes,” said Mercateo Founder and Member of the Management Board Dr. Sebastian Wieser in a statement.

“We are pleased to have Mercateo, another innovative partner, by our side and are delighted to support them with our technical solutions for payment processing, in addition to providing our longstanding expertise in digitalizing processes across all sales channels,” added Wirecard Executive Vice President, Sales Consumer Goods, Christian Reindl in another statement.

Earlier this year, Wirecard announced a collaboration with Moonrise in the U.S. to facilitate faster payments to gig workers using Moonrise to find gigs. Their partnership enables employers to provide payment to workers within 24 hours after completing a job without charging those employees fees.

Wirecard is also working with France’s SES-imagotag to facilitate consumer mobile payments while shopping in-store, instead of having to check out at the point of sale.



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