B2BE, LiquidFrameworks Integration Aims For Faster AR


B2B eCommerce solution provider B2BE announced a collaboration Thursday (Sept. 5) with mobile field operations management firm LiquidFrameworks, with the companies working on data integration to connect field data to organizations’ back offices.

A press release said B2BE is integrating its application plugin Field To Invoice into LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX mobile field operations management platform. The integration means field ticket data will automatically be used to create eInvoices and other documents for end customers, which can be accessed by users in a range of platforms including Oildex Open Invoice, Ariba and other digital document platforms.

The companies noted that this data integration means faster, more accurate electronic invoices generated, which can mean shorter days sales outstanding (DSO) and accounts receivable cycles.

“This is a terrific opportunity to deliver even more value to the FieldFX customers,” said B2BE Vice President of Sales North America Scott Shadrach in a statement. “By definition, FieldFX customers are progressive and smart businesspeople. They understand the efficiencies gained through automation, have assessed the value to their businesses and positioned their companies to have the industry’s most efficient workforces as well as the shortest days sales outstanding.

“With Field To Invoice, every existing and prospective FieldFX customer should be all ears about completing the automation cycle through to invoicing to their end customers,” he added.

David Levitt, senior vice president of worldwide sales at LiquidFrameworks, added that the company’s collaboration with B2BE brings value to joint customers.

“B2BE’s Field To Invoice solution completes the ‘quote-to-cash’ automation cycle by electronically delivering invoices and supporting documents from FieldFX to the customer’s trading partner, thus enhancing our already compelling business case,” he noted.

FieldFX’s Field To Invoice solution uses a four-way matching process to match up data between price book, quote, ticket and invoice to mitigate the risk of errors and minimize days-to-invoice.