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Sabre, Ixaris Team Up To Expand Into New Euro Markets

Sabre And Ixaris Team Up, Expand Into New Euro Markets

Payments company Ixaris has teamed up with travel industry company Sabre to expand into new European markets, with plans to eventually reach the Americas and Asia Pacific markets, according to a press release.

Ixaris’ payments system will now be available through Sabre Virtual Payments, and it will let travelers who use the Sabre Virtual Payments offering streamline payment processes, as well as protect their own margins when paying for travel or accommodations.

Sabre Virtual Payments’ customers will be able to complete bookings and process payments on the same platform, and without having to deal with integration or a disruption of workflows.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Sabre, and this is a strong endorsement of our innovative payments offering,” said Ixaris CEO Aran Brown in the release. “We’re pleased that Sabre has now partnered with Ixaris, as Sabre Virtual Payments with Ixaris delivers an invaluable solution to more travel buyers and OTAs (online travel agents) in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region than ever before.”

The addition of the Ixaris payment system to Sabre will also allow the travel company to optimize payments for its agencies, which should aid in margin growth.

“Ixaris’ offering provides Sabre Virtual Payments’ agencies with the opportunity to secure the most profitable outcome when executing supplier transactions by managing financial incentives, while avoiding merchant fees when booking with low-cost carriers,” the release stated.

Robin Boudsocq, commercial director of Sabre Virtual Payments, said the partnership will aid greatly in the streamlining of the process.

“To truly meet the needs of our customers, we must streamline and optimize payments for travel agents, and with Ixaris, we are able to do exactly that,” Boudsocq said. “For our customers, we can now further reduce back-office overhead while ensuring a seamless booking and payment process, which is critical to reduce costs and boost profitability in this volatile travel market.”



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