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Finaxar, Visa Partner To Unify Spend Management For SMBs

Singaporean FinTech Finaxar has announced the launch of its Flex by Finaxar program, which will work with Visa to help small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) unify spend, payables and receivables, according to a press release.

The idea is to help SMBs control everything related to spend under a single platform, which will let them regulate their spending and set up request-approval workflows and customized spend limits, manage spending through monitoring invoices and reconciling payments on the same platform, and track transactions with real-time insights, the release stated.

Vihang Patel, co-founder and CEO of Finaxar, said the companies has "realized that businesses are challenged by slow transaction times due to manual administration of invoices, payments and receivables. This impacts their cash flow and overall responsiveness to business demands.

An SAP Concur study found that the Asia Pacific region could face losses of up to $21.5 billion per year because of inefficient finance and administrative processes. That number comes out to around $340 million a year for companies in Singapore, the release stated.

And while many companies have begun implementing digital methods of payment, the old traditional ways still hold, with a survey finding that 49 percent of respondents didn't like the amount of time it currently takes to work with such matters, according to the release.

"Developing Flex by Finaxar was our natural next step in creating a unified platform, and tapping on Visa’s strong global payments network and ecosystem, we can solve the challenges faced by [SMBs] and provide them working capital to address their needs," Patel said, according to the release.

Modernizing corporate spend could be the solution to businesses' issues, PYMNTS reported, with digital spending the new way to help support a system based around working from home.

“Countless digital spend management solutions have entered the market to meet this growing demand," PYMNTS reported. "Some have taken the form of subscription offerings, which give businesses greater transactional visibility by allowing them to view their staff members’ past, current and planned expenditures in real time.”



New forms of alternative credit and point-of-sale (POS) lending options like ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) leverage the growing influence of payments choice on customer loyalty. Nearly 60 percent of consumers say such digital options now influence where and how they shop—especially touchless payments and robust, well-crafted ecommerce checkouts—so, merchants have a clear mandate: understand what has changed and adjust accordingly. Join PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster together with PayPal’s Greg Lisiewski, BigCommerce’s Mark Rosales, and Adore Me’s Camille Kress as they spotlight key findings from the new PYMNTS-PayPal study, “How We Shop” and map out faster, better pathways to a stronger recovery.