Onion Global Launches B2B Product Sourcing Service Platform


Chinese lifestyle brand platform Onion Global has launched “Hoomuch,” a service platform that provides tools and business support for B2B customers.

“As part of Onion Global’s Supply-to-Business (STB) strategy, the launch of Hoomuch underscores its commitment to expanding its B2B customer base by offering an integrated service solution for product sourcing, product supply, and brand management services,” the company said in a Friday (April 29) news release.

Features of the platform include a global sourcing network that covers more than 30 countries and regions and more than 20 product categories.

In addition, Hoomuch gives customers access to a global logistics network comprised of two overseas warehouses and eight domestic warehouses spread over 60,000 square meters,15 customs clearance channels, and an average domestic delivery time of one to four days, and drop-shipping support.

“Following the announcement of our STB strategy, the launch of Hoomuch marks our first concrete step in further penetrating the B2B segment,” said Cong (Kenny) Li, founder and CEO of Onion Global.

“By leveraging our platform’s extensive product categories, stable supply of goods, and professional after-sales service, we will unlock and provide business opportunities for B2B entrepreneurs throughout the entire value chain from direct sourcing to drop-shipping.”

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Onion Global appeared to hint at the launch of Hoomuch earlier this month when it launched the STB strategy, saying it was in preparation for a “super trading platform.”

The company has also said it wants to help its B2B clients reach more customers around the world with sales and logistics channels, including O’Mall, a global cross-border eCommerce platform, and CosyFans, a Southeast Asian cross-border eCommerce platform.

The B2B market is China is seeing rapid expansion, leading to a growing from B2B customers for supply chain and technology services, Onion Global said in the news release.

“As the regulatory environment is tightening and the pandemic continues to bring uncertainty, Onion Global has core competitive advantages in operating brands across public and private domains, and benefits from the solid growth of its existing market, user base and private domain traffic,” the company said.