Today in B2B: ACI Worldwide, NORBr Partner on eCommerce Payment Tools; Ship Now, Pay Later Approach Can Loosen Supply Chain Bottlenecks

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Today in B2B payments, ACI Worldwide and NORBr partner on eCommerce tools, while Inxeption offers a “ship now, pay” later product. Plus, B2B vendors focus on client satisfaction as they rethink the checkout experience, and PayTabs unveils a social commerce offering for gig workers.

ACI Worldwide Pairs With Payment Manager NORBr on eCommerce Tools

Real-time payments firm ACI Worldwide is partnering with NORBr, a payment services distributor platform for digital merchants, to facilitate merchants’ connection to ACI’s solutions. Nigel Reavley, country manager of France for ACI Worldwide, said the company’s merchant payment solutions will be available via NORBr to offer retailers and third-party payment service providers (PSP) worldwide the “tools and technology to increase conversion rates and grow their businesses.”

‘Ship Now, Pay Later’ Helps Manufacturers Leap Supply Chain Hurdles

Financial services help manufacturers quickly get their vendors paid and get themselves back to business while their products are being delivered. Inxeption offers a variety of financial services through its Industrial SuperApp. Through the app and an online platform, the company boosts manufacturers’ online sales, dealing with working capital and facilitating logistics and payments. For logistics customers, the company offers a “ship now, pay later” product that enables them to reduce the amount of capital tied up in shipping-related expenses while waiting for buyer payments.

B2B Vendors Rethink Checkout Experience With Eye Toward Clients Satisfaction

Like the consumers who buy from merchants’ websites or eCommerce platforms, corporate clients making purchases from B2B vendors value straightforward, streamlined transactions. Traditional procurement flows can be burdensome and overly complex. That’s especially true as more companies explore digital purchasing options and begin to appreciate their convenience, as reported in “Next-Gen Digital Payments,” a PYMNTS and Transcard collaboration. Sellers looking to serve B2B customers will need to pay attention to the digital checkout experiences as more of their sales are taking place via digital channels.

Egypt’s PayTabs Unveils Social Commerce Platform Paymes

Egyptian payment company PayTabs has launched Paymes, a new social commerce platform for customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The platform will let “millions of freelancers, artisans, consultants, home-based business owners, personal trainers, food truck vendors, members of the gig economy and more” get payments via social media in seconds. gypt has at least 14 million gig workers, which PayTabs said can benefit from becoming part of the digital payment ecosystem.

ACH Network Grows in Q1 on Backs of B2B Payments and Same Day ACH

The ACH Network experienced overall growth in the first quarter of 2022, in large part thanks to B2B payments and an increase in the Same Day ACH dollar limit. B2B payments were up 15.5% year over year in Q1 from the first quarter of 2021, with more than 1.4 billion automated clearing house (ACH) B2B payments made in the first three months of this year. That’s a 35.5% increase from the first quarter of 2020, when the pandemic initially closed many workplaces.