PYMNTS MonitorEdge May 2024

Nue Launches Platform That Unifies CPQ and Billing

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Nue has launched a platform that unifies configure, price and quote (CPQ) and billing, and accelerates finance operations across every B2B model.

The new Everything Billing product brings together direct sales and product-led growth, subscription- and usage-based pricing, and bundling across software, physical goods and services, the company said in a Wednesday (May 29) press release.

“With Nue, everything is unified,” Mark Walker, CEO of Nue, said in the release. “We bring all revenue models under one quote-to-revenue platform, one unified data model and single pricing engine. The minute you can quote across any revenue model, you can bill.”

This platform is meant to solve the challenges companies face when they use separate systems for each step in the customer lifecycle and then try to get those systems to work together, Walker said.

With Everything Billing, companies get unified invoices; real-time usage quoting, rating and billing; automatic adjustment of invoices with a full audit trail; and rapid-fast, automated and flexible billing, according to the release.

The platform offers complete ASC606 compliance; seamless integration with Stripe, Taxations and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; and real-time revenue analytics, per the release.

One company using the Nue platform is Bench Accounting, according to the release.

“With Everything Billing, our billing processes — which are complex and high velocity — are now more agile, much simpler and faster to run,” Jake Romphf, director of business technology at Bench Accounting, said in the release.

In another recent development in the billing space, Metronome said in January that it secured $43 million in a Series B funding round to simplify and streamline usage-based billing for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.

With its flexible billing platform that is easy to integrate and maintain, Metronome aims to address the challenges faced by businesses in building and maintaining usage-based and subscription billing infrastructure, the company said at the time.

In August 2023, Ordway and Exact Payments partnered to deliver an all-in-one billing and payments solution to Ordway’s customers.

With this solution, they aim to reduce manual processes and provide an improved customer experience by giving customers a seamless sign-up process for payment acceptance without having to leave the Ordway application.

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