Mercato Teams With DoorDash To Fulfill Orders For Small Grocers

Mercato, DoorDash Team For Small Grocer Delivery

Online grocery eCommerce platform Mercato has partnered with door-to-door delivery app DoorDash to offer same-day delivery of goods from independent and specialty food stores, the companies announced in a press release on Thursday (Aug. 29).

“DoorDash and Mercato are highly aligned in our desire to help local businesses succeed,” said Mercato Founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan. “In the next few months, we will have even more news regarding our delivery programs, including our first delivery subscription offering. We expect these developments will dramatically increase access to affordable grocery deliveries, providing huge value to consumers and the hundreds of amazing small businesses on the Mercato platform.”

Brannigan grew up working in his parents’ grocery store in Brooklyn, New York. He created Mercato to level the playing field by bringing online shopping and delivery to independent grocers and their customers.

The partnership between Mercato and DoorDash gives specialty and smaller grocery stores and independent food stores a way to compete with large-scale players.

Mercato works with 750 independent grocers in 22 states. Expansion plans are in the works for the remainder of 2019. DoorDash operates in more than 4,000 U.S. cities as well as in Canada.

“Our partnership with Mercato deepens our focus and commitment to better serving local communities, and also our customers and merchant partners beyond restaurant delivery,” said Casey North, DoorDash’s vice president of DoorDash Drive. “We’re excited to pair our best-in-class fulfillment operations and commitment to quality with Mercato’s extensive network of independent grocers to bring a new, convenient way for their customers to enjoy their favorite grocery items.”

DoorDash also recently teamed up with restaurant management app Revention to help restaurateurs streamline delivery operations. The new endeavor will help eateries accommodate busy time periods and unexpected rushes, as well as downtime and expanded service. The goal of the partnership is to build out restaurants’ operational efficiencies and eventually include supply fulfillment and last-mile logistics.