Klarna, About You Partner on Easy-Return eCommerce in Germany and Switzerland


Sweden-based payments services provider Klarna this week announced a deal with European eCommerce firm About You that will allow customers in Germany and Switzerland to use the “Pay Later 30” payment option.

About You customers already have been able to use Klarna payment services in the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Norway. The company’s “Pay Later 30” option lets customers pay for purchases 30 days after making them, which Klarna notes in promotional materials is enough to time to order, receive, try on and return an item of clothing. As a result, shoppers are freed from having to buy an item before seeing whether they like it or if it fits.

About You operates a website and app that the company says provide customers with “personalized shopping experiences.” With 400,000 items from more than 2,000 brands, the company’s sites and apps draw “more than 30 million monthly active users,” according to the news release.

Klarna stated in its news release that the two companies will pitch the service around the used-clothing market.

“The aim of the campaign is to make it clear that circular fashion is not just hype, but a serious commitment by both companies to contribute to the preservation of our planet and a responsible society,” the news release states.

“Both of our companies share the conviction that a smooth shopping experience for users determines the long-term competition in e-commerce At the same time, we share the same values when it comes to the future of shopping,” Jani Tyyni, head of Central and Northern Europe at Klarna, said in a prepared statement.

Klarna states it has more than 147 million active users who conduct 2 million transactions per day.