Uber Bans 240 Mexican Passengers As Coronavirus Precaution

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Approximately 240 Uber users in Mexico can’t use the service now, their accounts suspended by the parent company after concerns over the coronavirus contamination.

According to a statement posted to Uber’s Mexican Twitter account, the Uber customers suspended were confirmed to have traveled with two Uber drivers who came into contact with a possible coronavirus case. However, there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexico as of yet, said the Los Angeles Times Sunday (Feb. 2).

“We will keep users and drivers informed with respect to any update of their accounts,” Uber said in an official statement, promising to properly and efficiently work with authorities.

An Uber employee drove a possibly infected passenger from Los Angeles, Mexico City’s Health Ministry verified to the newspaper. The suspected cases will be quarantined and analyzed to confirm or deny any real contagion.

As Uber reacts to this business disruption, other prominent companies are concerned about their companies being impacted by the global effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

As PYMNTS reported, Tech supply company product chains will be disrupted. Apple is among the more prominent to be impacted, both in its supply chain and its retail presence. CEO Tim Cook tried to assuage concerns in an Apple earnings call last week.

“Many of the stores that remain open also have reduced operating hours,” said Cook. The company has alternative component sources, and according to the CEO is also “working on mitigation plans to make up for any unexpected production loss.”

Among other companies, Ford, JPMorgan and Kraft Heinz have all also enacted travel bans to China.

“This will help reduce the unnecessary risk of virus exposure or transmission, and is the most prudent measure to take while we continue to closely monitor the situation in China,” said Michael Mullen, Kraft Heinz spokesman.