Alipay Partners With Openpay In Mexico

Pushing its footprint even deeper into the Americas, Ant Financial’s Alipay — China’s leading payment provider and the primary means of online and mobile payment for Chinese consumers — announced news today (March 20) that it will be growing its presence in Mexico via a partnership with Openpay.

Alipay’s more than 600 million users worldwide will be able to tap into their Alipay wallets as a payment method at any business in Mexico already affiliated with Openpay.

“An increasing number of Chinese consumers are shopping for products in Mexico that they can’t find at home, and they want to be able to purchase those items with the payment method they use most often,” said Souheil Badran, President, Alipay Americas. “Our partnership with Openpay not only connects Mexican merchants with Chinese consumers seeking their products and services, but also opens new revenue channels for merchants in Mexico. We are thrilled to be partnering with Openpay as we continue to expand the reach of Alipay throughout the Americas.”

Openpay’s payment platform represents a wide swath of regional businesses, from large enterprise-sized businesses down to SMBs. Through its interface, firms can quickly and easily accept online payments. All in, the Openpay network represents more than 17,500 associated points of sale in Mexico, connected in real time through its Paynet network, which allows cash payments to be made online.

Alipay users tapping into the Openpay network within Mexico will gain access to a variety of airlines, ridesharing companies and ticketing platforms.

“Chinese shoppers represent an important and growing audience for our Mexico-based merchants,” said Eric Nuñez, COO Openpay. “By enabling our merchants to offer Alipay, we are ensuring that Chinese shoppers visiting their websites can use a frictionless, familiar payment method. We see Alipay as the superhighway connecting merchants in Mexico with this growing and increasingly affluent consumer group.”