VC Firms Pivot To SE Asian Startups Forecasted For $1T Growth

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With a combined 2020 valuation of $340 billion, venture capital (VC) firms are paying attention to the technology space in Southeast Asia, as experts forecast that the region and segment will grow threefold by 2025, CNBC reported on Monday (Aug. 9), citing data from Jungle Ventures.

Filing for a public offering is on the minds of numerous big SE Asian companies, many trying to file initial public offerings (IPOs) in a region that is home to some 400 million online users, per CNBC. Interestingly, just 10 percent of the area’s online users logged on for the first time last year, according to the article. 

“We have done such back-of-the-envelope calculations that it’s not hard to imagine there’s a lot more data we are not looking at, in terms of the rounds that are either not announced or companies that are still under the radar,” said Amit Anand, founding partner at Jungle Ventures.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand all have among the biggest economies in the region.  Some big Southeast Asian startups have brought in capital infusions topping historic numbers of $6 billion in the first three months of 2021, according to the article.

Anand noted that investments are the cornerstone of growth, and that Jungle Ventures is ready to help others expand regardless of their physical operations.

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“If you look at the growth rate of the last three to five years in Southeast Asia, if it continues, which by all means it will, you’re going to head to a trillion dollars even before 2025,” Anand predicted.