Paytronix Boosts Loyalty, Order And Delivery Features For Restaurants

restaurant technology

Restaurant loyalty software platform Paytronix Systems rolled out upgrades at PXUX 2019, its annual user group meeting, the company said in a press release on Thursday (Oct. 3).

Over 100 restaurant and retail brands attended the meeting to offer feedback and make suggestions about future platform developments. 

“This year’s PXUX was full of exceptional presentations from clients like Primanti Brothers, Jimmy John’s, National Coney Island, Mendocino Farms, and MFA Breaktime,” said Paytronix Systems, Inc. President Andrew Robbins. “Our clients are doing remarkable things with the platform — the high-impact results, growth, and brand enhancements are amazing.”

Among the topics discussed were digital ordering and delivery challenges, loyalty marketing and artificial intelligence. 

The company announced upgrades to Paytronix Order and Delivery, which is integrated with the platform and offers benefits such as single sign-on, bundled discounts, easy registration flow and more. The firm also added new marketing features for loyalty managers to help with day-to-day outreach, along with other upgrades.

Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Paytronix provides solutions for 400 restaurant and convenience store brands across nearly 30,000 locations. The platform integrates with more than 30 widely used point-of-sale (POS) systems. 

Paytronix recently acquired Open Dining, one of the main providers of ordering and delivery for small to medium-size restaurants.

In a PYMNTS interview with Karen Webster in August, Robbins discussed that acquisition along with the topic of customer conversion and customer relationship management. The rise of third-party delivery aggregators has brought the question into higher focus, leaving restaurant operations with a vital decision: Continue to outsource that work, build relevant technology in-house or seek a platform that offers a pragmatic and digital front door into the business while also forging direct relationships with new and potential customers.

Other problems also remain to be solved, Robbins added. Those might include offering what are essentially subscriptions for regular food deliveries. Restaurants can also use integrated platforms to figure out how to better contact customers.