Omnishoppers are in the driver’s seat of innovation.

The tech-savvy, knowledge-driven shoppers of today aren’t easy to please. They know what they want, and they want it now, which is why the preferences and desires they have for their shopping experiences are vital to a merchant reaching and keeping them.

A new study shows that consumers are demanding omnichannel capabilities like never before. The preference to “click and collect” is more popular than ever, with more shoppers shifting their attention to the retailers that can offer these types of services. As more digitally inclined consumers look to buy online and pick up in-store, developers are charged with helping merchants offer the types of omnichannel features that will keep them coming back time and again.

Beacons play a huge role in the customer engagement efforts of merchants today, and developers are helping to expand the use cases for beacon technology and platforms like never before. From putting beacons in movie theaters to helping the location-based devices operate more like mobile apps, the days of beacons strictly being used to push ads and coupons are numbered.

In the February edition of the Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, we have profiled 80 developers who are spurring innovation within the channels and payments technologies consumers rely on most.


In the cover story for the February edition, Dan Nesmith, Founder and President of Paladin Data Corporation, shared with PYMNTS why a simple approach to the complex point-of-sale environment is helping brick-and-mortar merchants keep customers happy, while also staying relevant in a retail landscape where eCommerce continues to shine.

“It’s about having a seamless, effortless checkout process, one that the cashiers aren’t struggling with and that offers payment card solutions shoppers can actually understand. This is something that, in my opinion, the POS market has been a little oblivious to. But, as an industry, we are going to have to switch gears, because if we don’t keep retail healthy, there isn’t going to be any retail left to buy POS systems.”

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The Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, is designed to provide the payments ecosystem with a view into how software developers are using new technologies to create innovative business opportunities and enable merchants to optimize the ways in which they engage with shoppers today. The developer community within the tracker is separated into three categories: Shopping and Payments, Operations and Marketing.


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The Which Apps Do They Want Study analyzes survey data collected from 1,045 American consumers to learn how they use merchant apps to enhance in-store shopping experiences, and their interest in downloading more in the future. Our research covered consumers’ usage of in-app features like loyalty and rewards offerings and in-store navigation, helping to assess how merchants can design apps to distinguish themselves from competitors.


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