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The Pinterest Palette And The Future Of Social Commerce

With all the social media players working overtime to figure out how to best integrate their service with commerce, Pinterest is partnering with a U.K. fashion retailer to give the social shopping experience a bit more color.

Or at least to make the experience a bit more based on color anyway. As of today (Sept. 16), Pinterest rolled out a new method for users to receive more customized recommendations from the site. As of right now, Pinterest is one of the Internet’s favorite hangouts for the fashion forward, with users saving around 24 million fashion photos and dream outfits daily. And Pinterest is going to try to use the color preferences tacitly revealed in those posts to construct its users’ preferred palettes. Once that palette is established on Pinterest, ideally, it can then follow users through the rest of the Web as they shop.

Starting with Topshop, reports Fortune.

As of now, Topshoppers will be able to log in to the site with their Pinterest account (if they have one). Once logged in, the site can recommend colors to them based on the shades the users are most likely to Pin to their board. If a shopper seems to love pink, Topshop will tailor the outfit and accessory recommendations to that preference.

The goal? Consumers buying more stuff, of course.

And it fits in with the rest of Pinterest’s latter day monetization goals for the site, which has also seen a ramp-up of advertising and buy buttons introduced over the last several months. Pinterest has massive amounts of user data after all and a fan base that is wired for shopping and, as such, provides a service especially to retailers looking to connect with tastemakers of the sort who spend a lot of time hanging out on Pinterest.

For now, Pinterest is not collecting revenue from the experiment with Topshop, according to the company.

And the service is meant to work in store as well as online. When in a Topshop location, customers will be provided iPads that will allow them to log in, pull their Pinterest palette and shop from it.

So, is this the next step from Pinterest: portable shopping preferences? We’ll put a pin in it and keep you posted.

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