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GoGoGrandparent Lets Your Grandparents Order Up An Uber

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A new service called GoGoGrandparents allows people without smartphones to order an Uber.

As popular as online on-demand ordering apps and services have become, there’s still about 75 million Americans who still don’t possess a smartphone and can’t order an Uber or a takeout meal from DoorDash or GrubHub, according to the Pew Research Center.

And, not surprisingly, these smartphone-less Americans usually tend to be on the older end of the spectrum.

But a new service called GoGoGrandparent wants to change all that by allowing smartphone-less customers to order an Uber or other on-demand products, either by calling a phone number with a good old-fashioned landline or signing up for the service online (through a desktop or laptop, not a mobile app).

According to TechCrunch, GoGoGrandparent was founded by Justin Boogaard and David Lung after Boogaard’s grandmother became curious about Uber because he was using it so much. When Boogaard explained to his grandmother that you needed a smartphone to order an Uber — which she didn’t have — she tasked him with creating a company that would allow smartphone-less seniors like herself to be able to order an Uber.

GoGoGrandparent charges a 13 percent commission on a ride, plus a $1.80 fee to cover “back-end costs,” so the service is definitely more expensive than just ordering up an Uber for yourself.

For those who are completely technologically uninclined, however, you can access GoGoGrandparent by calling an operator — (855) 464-6872 — then giving them your credit card information and the address you would like to be picked up at; you can then access the service by calling the automated system and pressing one to be picked up at that location. Once in the Uber, you tell the driver where you want to go. If you’re at a different location other than your home, call GoGoGrandparent and ask to speak with a real live person, and they can order the Uber for you.

There’s even the option of inviting people to join or try out GoGoGrandparent through sending them a postcard, which your grandparents would probably find delightful.


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