Uber App Will Enable Hotel Check-In

Uber is working hard to make sure its service isn’t just convenient but is also nice and personal for riders.

Which leads to this week’s launch of new “trip branding and personalization” features in the Uber app, designed to give Uber riders useful information and content during their ride for the rest of their visit.

What that means in practical terms is that Uber’s partner apps, like Hilton, Citymapper and Zomato, will be able to use the Uber platform to interact with customers as they enter a new area. For example, Uber riders staying at Hilton hotels will be able to set “Ride Reminders” for cars throughout their stay and receive details about their reservation served up to them through the Uber app.

Hilton guests will also be offered a check-in option, making key collection that much faster at the front desk.

Zomato allows for a similar trick but with its affiliated restaurants, while Citymapper will let users optimize their trip between Uber and public transport if they so desire.

More apps are expected to sign on as time goes on, allowing for richer and presumably more widely applicable third-party services. This move marks the first time that Uber has opened up for third-party content on its app, and the conventional wisdom at launch is that Uber’s massive base of users nationwide are a pretty strong base for those third parties to gain access to.

The feature is open for all app developers, according to the company’s announcement, as are Ride Reminder buttons.