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Square Finds People Do Not Like Chip Cards

Visa: Amid EMV Rollout, Counterfeit Fraud Down

The movement to EMV and chip cards has been one of safety, but card users themselves have been disgruntled when actually using the cards.

A new study by Square found that, while some may be mindful of the security boost that comes with security chips, 91 percent of users handling debit cards and 87 percent of credit cardholders found using the cards a less-than-optimal experience. The key frustration point is at the point of sale and the wait that attends the transaction and authorization process. The wait at the register may take top of mindfulness above security.

The survey of more than 1,000 card users said 37 percent of consumers found their big complaint to be focused on slow lines. And though, as The Washington Post noted, Square and others are advocates of NFC tech, a majority, or 77 percent, of the respondents had not used NFC, due to security concerns. That having been said, the millennial generation is more comfortable with NFC, as 45 percent skewing younger than 34 years of age said they had used NFC for payments.

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