USA Technologies Launches Universal Card Link Connector

USA Technologies, the payment technology service provider for the self-service retail market, announced Wednesday (Nov. 16) the launch of its Universal Card Link Connector, which enables industry operators in the amusement and arcade industries to connect cashless payment options, such as credit and debit cards and mobile wallets, to their equipment.

In a press release, USA Technologies said it developed the connector due to guidelines out in Nov. 2014 by the American Amusement Machine Association Standardization Committee, which provided Universal Connector Link (UCL) specifications for implementing a standard UCL connector harness for newly developed redemption/video games.

“As companies look to scale their business and make use of contactless payment platforms, the ability to accept cashless and mobile payments becomes a huge challenge when all the existing equipment needs to be updated,” said Tina Schwartz, business and finance manager for the American Amusement Machine Association, in the press release. “Becoming compliant with the new standards has become paramount, and USA Technologies is the only payments solutions provider that offers a simple fix that eliminates expensive equipment upgrades. This connector also enhances ease of use and will help entice consumers to buy more, play longer and come back more often, while future-proofing our business by ensuring acceptance of mobile payments as it moves to mainstream.”

USA Technologies’ ePort Connect service is a PCI-compliant suite of cashless payment and telemetry services specially tailored to fit the needs of self-serve retail industries. Is it designed to be a “one-stop shop.”

“According to AnythingResearch, the amusement arcade market is about a $2 billion business, and cashless payments represent a huge growth opportunity for the still cash-based market. We believe the operators want a simple, easy solution that can connect all their machines to capture cash and credit reporting, as well as incremental sales,” said Maeve McKenna-Duska, senior vice president of sales and marketing for USA Technologies, in the press release.