DocuSign Launches DocuSign Payments In The UK

DocuSign announced Wednesday (March 22) the launch of DocuSign Payments in the U.K., which is the company’s new tool that provides a fast and easy way to collect payments and signatures in just one step.

In a press release, DocuSign said for the 65 percent of businesses that experience either delays in receiving payment or a complete failure to collect, this new way to sign and pay will make a huge difference. DocuSign partnered with Stripe, and at launch users can DocuSign and pay using Android Pay, Apple Pay or any major credit or debit card. DocuSign will continue to integrate new payment partners — including, Braintree and PayPal — in the coming months, the company said in the press release. Recurring payments and other functionalities are expected to be available later this year as well.

“We have been working with our customers for years now to take their agreements digital,” commented Ron Hirson, chief product officer at DocuSign, in the press release. “Payments is the next step in the evolution of our DTM platform and eSignature service, and it has been driven directly by those customers. A lot of businesses, particularly smaller organizations, are hugely affected by late payments or complete failures to collect — problems that could be the difference between meeting key targets and missing them. Combining the signing and payment processes is the natural answer to helping business transactions move even more smoothly.”

As Bruce Vickery, operations director from Davis Tate Estate Agents, said in the same press release, by making the real estate buying process completely digital, it enables Davis Tate Estate Agents to not have to worry about any delays in the process. DocuSign said adding payments into the existing signing process is simple and straightforward. After a brief, one-time setup to connect DocuSign with Stripe, a sender adds a payment request to their agreement and sends it to the person who needs to sign. When that signer receives and DocuSigns the document, they can pay using Android Pay, Apple Pay or their credit/debit card, and the funds are collected immediately.