PaySimple Releases New POS Software For Service Businesses

PaySimple has created unique and easy-to-use point-of-sale software for service-based businesses with the Service Point of Sale (sPOS) platform.

Finextra reported that PaySimple, the leading service commerce platform for business, specifically designed sPOS so businesses can sell their products and services through a simple interface that supports omnichannel billing and payment collection. This “virtual cash register” also gives its users the ease of having billing, payments and customer service solutions all in one place.

“We continue to develop new and improved features to help our customers grow their businesses in the most efficient way,” said Jim Olson, VP of product development at PaySimple. “We are excited about our new Service Point of Sale platform that was designed for service-based businesses to have their go-to, access-anywhere virtual cash register that supports all sales types and integrates with their customer database.”

One of the features that sets sPOS apart from competitors is that the software will integrate built-in CRM functionality and in-depth custom reporting on revenue by customer, service or payment type. This will allow businesses to save time and money. And since it keeps all credit card and ACH information on file, customers can check out with ease, which will help boost repeat business.

“PaySimple has done an awesome job at consolidating eCommerce, merchant services and point of sale, most of which have been separate apps for us in the past,” said Dan Hine, CEO of Crimson Fly, Inc. “The eCommerce piece of PaySimple has played an integral role for us as we roll out new products each quarter and need a simple solution for customers to pay online.”