Amazon Echo Comes Calling To Best Buy

There’s an Echo in Best Buy (and in a quantity greater than one).

Tech Times reports that Amazon Echo, the voice-enabled, at-home assistant (whose own voice has a name, of course, and that name is Alexa), has made its way to Best Buy shelves (as well as to the retailer’s website).

It’s been a bit of a long wait for Amazon Echo to connect with the major tech retailer, especially considering that the popular robo-helper has been available from chains, including Staples, Home Depot, Sears and others, going back to the winter holidays.

According to Best Buy’s website (as Tech Times points out), it is offering the device at the same price point as Amazon itself does — $179.99 — with quantities in stock and ready to ship in a day or two.

So, any Best Buy loyalists who had been holding out until their preferred chain could avail them of the opportunity to ask Alexa to order them a pizza or a ride (to name just two of Amazon Echo’s growing list of capabilities) can, at long last, do so.

As for Amazon Echo’s sibling products — the battery-powered, portable Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot, a bridge device that connects to Amazon’s web of services — Tech Times reports that the Tap is expected to hit Best Buy stores (and site) later this month, while no such timeline has been announced for the Dot as of yet.


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