Data Shows This Really Is Amazon’s World

It’s a bit late in the season for an Olympics or World Series tie-in, so instead here’s this: The anxieties of retailers everywhere may have just been confirmed. New data from Verto Analytics shows that here’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.

The Verto index compared the online shopping habits of 20,000 U.S. consumers in October of this year and ranked the top 15 online retailers in 11 categories, including unique monthly users, desktop versus mobile access, reach and user sessions per month, to name a few. Here are some of the key findings.

First and foremost, Amazon ranked number one overall and led the pack in eight of the categories. Amazon was followed by Walmart in the number two spot, followed by eBay in third and Apple in fourth.

But the overall ranking alone belies the gap between the retailers in the individual categories.

For instance, Amazon boasted 200 million unique monthly users in October — nearly twice as many as Walmart’s 113 million and well over Apple’s and eBay’s 86.7 million and 71.3 million, respectively.

Amazon users also visited the site much more frequently than other users on other sites. Amazon saw an average of 33 sessions a month for its users, eBay and eBates tied with 13, and Craigslist users visited the site nine times per month on average.

Amazon also ranked first in stickiness, which represents the average number of daily users divided by the number of monthly users, with 81 percent. Walmart’s stickiness was 46 percent, while eBay’s was 35 percent.

Now for the categories where Amazon didn’t dominate: average session duration, the percentage of mobile-only users and time spent per month per user.

Average session duration and overall time spent per month were both taken by Craigslist. Users spent an average of two hours and 14 minutes on the site in October, with the average session lasting nearly 15 minutes. By comparison, Amazon users spent one hour and 42 minutes on the site, with an average session length of three minutes and five seconds.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple had the highest ratio of mobile-only users visiting its website, at 68 percent. On Amazon’s end, the rate was 45 percent.


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