Domino’s Embraces Healthy Food, Adds Salad To The Menu

In an America increasingly obsessed with eating healthy, clean, organic and l0cal, it is perhaps not too surprising that Domino’s was feeling some peer pressure. And so the pizza chain is making a change, and embracing the salad.

As of Aug. 15, Domino’s will be selling salads with Ready Pac Foods as a partner. Ready Pac is known for its bistro bowls and salad kits, which are sold in many major grocery stores.

The goal is exactly what you think it is: to make its generally carb and fat heavy menu a bit more appealing to the world’s healthier eaters. Well, some of them anyway.

Domino’s expects to offer salads at about 20 percent of its 5,000 U.S. locations, so customers can relax, as there is still an 80 percent chance they will feel no pressure to eat anything but the pizza Domino’s is known for.

The firm’s official rationale for salad: “Because sometimes, there’s that one person who only wants a salad on pizza night.”

Domino’s salads will run $5.99 each when paired with other items from its mix and match menu. When purchased alone, the recommended price is $6.49. The revenue goals for the sale of salad remain unknown.

According to one of Domino’s competitors, McDonald’s, food in restaurants is going up in price faster than food in the grocery stores – and those grocery stores,involved in a pricing and channel war of their own, are passing those savings back on to consumers. Restaurants, on the other hand, are hitting minimum wage increases nationwide that are pushing up overhead and, thus, prices. Grocery stores are hit by similar pressures and have similarly low margins. However, grocery stores are also far more likely than restaurants to pay employees more than minimum wage rates, and thus aren’t hit by as much of a differential in pay rates.



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