Gold-Plated Trump iPhone 7 Hits Market

Donald Trump iPhone

Yes, that’s correct.

In case Santa didn’t deliver everything on your wish list, there’s a still time to order a gold-encased, diamond-encrusted iPhone 7 with Donald Trump’s face on it. The device is reportedly embellished with over 450 white diamonds around the edges and within the Apple logo.

The device is being created and sold for nearly $151,000 by Goldgenie, a store in the United Arab Emirates, Mashable reported.

The store first started selling the phone after a customer personally requested the design last month.

Frank Fernando, managing director of Goldgenie, told CNN Money that the ideal owners of the mobile devices would be described as “very wealthy, high-net-worth individuals all over the world, and sometimes it’s very difficult to buy gifts for them because they have everything.”

Since selling the first device, the store has received nine additional orders for the exact same phone. Fernando added that the family of the customer who first requested the device with Trump’s features may eventually give the phone to the president-elect after his inauguration.

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