Walmart Online Chief Departs

Online retail is known for moving fast, and sometimes, the execs pulling all the levers behind the scenes move even faster. Occasionally, that’s to the benefit of the company they’re working for; in Walmart‘s most recent case, it’s not.

Walmart confirmed on Thursday (April 7) that Brian Monahan, formerly the head of marketing for the retailer’s U.S. online operations, had vacated his post effective April 1. After joining Walmart in 2013 as its vice president of marketing for online, Monahan is reportedly returning to NewCo, a startup he cofounded with John Battelle in 2012 that specializes in hosting “festivals” and business conferences for startups and publishing editorial content related to the field.

In a statement to Reuters, Walmart spokesman Dan Toporek said the race is on to find a worthy replacement for the three-year veteran.

“We’re thankful for the great contributions Brian made to the business and wish him the best with NewCo,” Toporek said. “We’re in the process of identifying a successor.”

Walmart has been experiencing a slowdown in online sales over the past several months, and it’s responded by overhauling many aspects of its business — digital included. Walmart has also spread blame to its international operations, while claiming that its U.S.-based online orders haven’t experienced any significant hiccups lately, though the retailer doesn’t release market-by-market breakdowns for its digital sales division.

The timing of Monahan’s move from Walmart to NewCo seems relevant, in that his new-old company will be hosting one of its conferences in Boston on April 27.



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