Amazon Wants Pets To Be Loved (And Bought For) Too

The Internet of Pets (IoP)?

Amazon customers can now buy retail goods for every member of their family on the site’s marketplace — including their pets. The eCommerce giant has launched Pet Profiles, which allows customers to add their pets to their account.

According to news from The Next Web, users can sign up their first pet and receive a one-time 20 percent discount on their next pet food order. There are also member-only discounts on pet-related supplies for customers who set up the new profiles.

Simply go to and select “Pet Supplies” from the list of departments. Once there, click on “Pet Profile” in the horizontal menu.

Pet owners will then enter in their furry family member’s name, followed by its species or breed. Users can also enter in how old their dog or cat is (other animals don’t appear have that option), as well as list two different breeds for mixed-breed animals.

A photo can even be added before the profile is completed and the homepage is officially created. On this page there will be a list of curated purchase suggestions, such as cat brushes for cats or chew toys for puppies.

The discount, which is good for up to $20, is available for a limited time, but there are no fees or subscription charges to sign a pet up.



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