LiveRamp Unveils Omnichannel Marketing Tool

Targeting the right customer at the right time is the key strategy for those in the retail advertising and marketing sectors. With today's advanced technology, that capability is more streamlined than in the past.

To help pinpoint customers and their preferred tastes, omnichannel identity resolution company LiveRamp announced its launch of its people-based targeting search for marketing onto its IdentityLink platform, using Google Customer Match. Through this offering, marketers can now coordinate their campaigns across search and other online avenues. The hope is that those using this new offering will increase click-through rates and improve ad spend ROI.

LiveRamp Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Smith commented on the power behind its new omnichannel marketing offering. He said, "People-based search is the single most powerful use case I have ever seen — and marketers seem to be flocking to it. For the last decade, as display targeting has radically improved, marketers have been forced to make a choice: runs ads that are contextually relevant (like search) or run ads that are targeted to the right person (like display). People-based search with LiveRamp has eliminated the need to make this trade-off."

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