Target Launches Gender Neutral Kids Clothing Line

Some may argue that one of the best ways of expressing individuality can come from daily fashion choices.

From colors to various fabrics and how well a piece of clothing fits, there are several factors to consider when getting dressed in the morning. As adults, there are a variety of selections to choose from, but as children the colors and themes have become streamlined into clear boy or girl categories.

Target is breaking down boundaries with its new gender-neutral children’s clothing line from Toca Boca, which is set to make its debut next week. Through various new gender-neutral animals printed on clothing along with more variety in color choices, cloud-shaped plushes and backpacks, this new line aims to give kids today more individual identity through providing more options.

Dating back to 2015, Target started removing its gender-specific signage in its toy aisles, and the introduction of the Toca Boca line seems like the natural next step for the retail giant.

Toca Boca’s design director, Mathilda Engman, commented on this new clothing line at Target. While this move may seem like another controversial act following Target’s gender-neutral bathrooms, Engman said, “Our vision for the clothing line was to do what we’re good at at Toca Boca, which is play, and translate that into everyday experiences for kids. It’s a silly humor and quirkiness that resonates with both girls and boys, and doesn’t fall into gender stereotypes.”