Vistaprint Enters The Brick-and-Mortar Space

In an interesting turn of events, an online company is making the move into its first brick-and-mortar space.

This week, printing material company Vistaprint made an official announcement that it’s opening up a space in downtown Toronto.

Think of an upgraded Kinkos experience combined with one-on-one customer service.

Vistaprint CEO Trynka Shineman commented on the company’s decision to move into its first physical location.

“We’ve listened to and worked with our customers along the way to provide the best of both worlds in Vistaprint Studio – the efficiency and convenience of the online world with the engaging, personalized experience in-store. At Vistaprint Studio, we are offering exclusive services you can’t find anywhere else, including free graphic design – services we heard our customers want and which solidify our investment in the success of their businesses, now and in the future.”

With this venture of an online-based company making the move into a brick-and-mortar location, Vistaprint is following in the footsteps of companies like Warby Parker and Amazon Bookstores. This may be the beginning of online-based companies helping to define the future of physical retail spaces.