Order Dunkin’ Donuts With Google Assistant

The future of ordering coffee has arrived — or, at least Dunkin’ Donuts and Google hope it has.

The two firms have jointly announced the rollout of mobile voice ordering via Google Assistant, according to recent reports. That means Dunkin’ reward members will now be able to chat up Google’s Assistant after they’ve synced up their accounts and get their orders in on the go. The program is supposedly compatible with iOS and Android devices.

To get started, users need to type — or speak — the phrase “talk to Dunkin’ Donuts,” and the Dunkin’ mobile ordering bot will take command of the feature from there and begin steering.

On the downside, the bot can’t receive a new order, as it currently lacks the ability to do so. On the upside, the bot can remember a previous order (via data pulled from a customer’s DD Perks account), so as long as users can confirm where they want to pick up their orders, they’ll get a Google Map-powered delivery estimate for how far they are from a Boston Kreme or glazed blueberry donut.

Will it change the world forever? Well, that depends on where you are. Dunkin’ Donuts claims “America runs on Dunkin,’” but in reality, this new feature probably won’t change the national landscape. New England, on the other hand, is a different story, since its entire population has been mostly trapped indoors for the last three weeks after being battered by multiple blizzards.

We imagine for those people, having the capability to scream to their voice assistant that they need a breakfast sandwich, cruller and iced coffee — right now — will be a societal accomplishment on par with sliced bread. It’s just a matter of trekking through the snow to get it…

Let’s face it: New England really needed the win right now.



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