Disney+ To Come With High-Quality Streaming

Disney+ To Come With High-Quality Streaming

As part of its standard plan, Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service will offer high-quality content streaming with its $6.99-per-month basic offering. The news could put more pressure on streaming rivals like Netflix, which reportedly does not offer high-definition streaming with its $8.99-per-month basic tier offering, CNBC reported.

Although the basic Netflix plan in the U.S. is more costly than Disney’s, Netflix tends to target a wider audience than Disney+ plans to target when it rolls out in mid-November. Netflix has a broad offering of content on its platform, but Disney aims to target primarily families and kids.

Disney is said to stream a large TV show and movie catalog in high-quality HDR and 4K, in addition to Dolby Atmos, which will allow viewers to tap into surround sound for listening.

According to previous reports, Disney+ is expected to roll out on Nov. 12 on most major streaming platforms. Users can subscribe to Disney+ via numerous devices and platforms, including Apple TV and iOS, Sony PlayStation 4 and Android. Amazon’s Fire TV isn’t yet on the list, but Disney plans to add more distributors before the initial launch, per reports earlier in the month.

The streaming market is an increasingly competitive space. The move by Disney is an effort to tackle rivals with original content like Apple, Netflix and Amazon. Disney+ plans to offer streaming content from brands like Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. “Re-imagined” content from popular titles like “Home Alone” is also said to be featured.

In separate streaming news, Netflix had 130,000 fewer subscribers in the U.S. at the close of Q2 in comparison with the conclusion of Q1. Netflix brought on 2.7 million paid subscribers in the quarter around the world, which was much less than the five million it had forecasted. The figure was also below the 5.5 million it brought on in the second quarter of last year.