Deliveroo To Provide Non-Contact Delivery Amid Coronavirus


To reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19, U.K. food delivery platform Deliveroo said it would let orders be dropped off outside instead of having a delivery worker meet a client. The company’s clients will have the ability to ask for a non-contact drop-off offering with a new choice available next week, Reuters reported.

Deliveroo, for its part, has given restaurants additional packaging to defend food from the coronavirus as the food is prepared and sent to customers. As it stands, individuals in the U.K. are increasingly remaining in their residences to stay clear of getting the coronavirus or giving it to others.

Fears have come to light, however, that heightened demand for food delivery offerings would increase the risk of delivery workers spreading COVID-19 as they travel between residences. Over 450 individuals have tested positive for the coronavirus and eight have succumbed in the United Kingdom.

The government had made it known last week that it would relax sick time policies, cutting the least number of days someone has to be out of work prior to being eligible for pay.

In separate news, Instacart said earlier this month it would roll out its doorstep grocery drop-off service to clients amid the fear of the coronavirus outbreak. The service lets clients decide to have their groceries left on the doorsteps at a certain time in lieu of hand delivery.

The project had been piloted in the past with some clients at locations over the last few months. But in light of the coronavirus, the firm said it had seen an rise in individuals tapping into the service. Sales had rocketed tenfold over the last week, and as high as 20 times what it was before in portions of California and Washington.

The coronavirus has seen the most cases in those areas as of early March. An increase in demand has also existed for products such as hand sanitizers, face masks and other items.