Goop To Sell Wellness Products At Sephora Stores

Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop, an array of lifestyle products and more, will partner with Sephora in 2020.

“I’ve always thought of Sephora as a real innovator in the beauty space,” Paltrow told CNBC on Monday (Jan. 6). “We’ve been wrestling with the idea of if we should have a wholesale partner or if we should keep it all direct-to-consumer. And I think that when the Sephora opportunity presented itself, it was just too good of an opportunity to reach a new customer.”

Goop products will be available at Sephora early this year. Sephora, with more than 490 stores in the Americas, has more than 660 small shops based inside JCPenney locations.

“We have carved out a unique territory in the beauty space,” said Erin Cotter, general manager of beauty and wellness at Goop, in a statement. LVMH-owned Sephora will build “an exciting new category of business for the modern consumer who is looking for beauty that fits in their wellness-oriented lifestyle.”

Launched in 2008 from Paltrow’s own kitchen, Goop started out as a weekly newsletter showcasing food and travel. Her business eventually spawned "sometimes controversial beauty and wellness products." There’s now a Goop magazine and podcast, and even a Netflix series debuting later in January.

“The Goop Lab” will feature Paltrow discussing multiple wellness products.

Goop has previously been criticized “for promoting products that don’t actually work, or that could even be dangerous.” For instance, on 2018, Goop “was ordered to pay $145,000 in civil penalties” for misrepresenting the benefits of its “vaginal eggs” to disgruntled customers. Paltrow has been open and apologetic recently about her company’s prior mistakes.

“I think when we were a little startup, and we didn’t know about claims and regulatory issues, we made a few mistakes back in the early days,” Paltrow said on Monday. “I think to generalize, and say there has been controversy around us, I don’t think is quite fair. ... We really are just trying to move culture forward, especially as it comes to women.”

Goop’s most recent public valuation was for $250 million.



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