Today in Restaurant and Grocery Tech: Kroger Teams with Instacart for Speedy C-Store Delivery; Misfits Market Valuation Skyrockets  


Today in restaurant and grocery tech news, Kroger announces 30-minute convenience delivery in partnership with Instacart, and Misfits Market’s valuation soars to $2 billion. Plus, IGA President and CEO John Ross tells PYMNTS how grocers are adapting to supply chain shortages plaguing the industry today.

Kroger, Instacart Launch 30-Minute Convenience Delivery as Consumers Expect Speedy Fulfillment

Grocery giant Kroger announced on Tuesday (Sept. 14) that it is launching “Kroger Delivery Now” in partnership with Instacart. The delivery service, which fulfills online convenience orders within 30 minutes, is available across the United States, both through Kroger’s digital ordering platforms and through Instacart’s new “Convenience Hub,” which was also announced on Tuesday.

Misfits Market Hits $2B Valuation, Capturing Young Consumers’ Demand for Sustainable eGrocery

Sustainability-focused online grocer Misfits Market is no misfit when it comes to raising venture capital, the eGrocery platform is quite popular. The company announced Tuesday (Sept. 14) that it has raised $225 million in its Series C-1 funding round, bringing its total funding to over $526 million, and its valuation to $2 billion.

From COVID to Product Shortages to Labor Supply, Grocery Stores Adapt To String of Challenges

As one of the world’s largest independent grocery store franchises with more than 6,000 stores located across the world, IGA has some unique insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things in the world of retail. And those insights could prove vital for the company’s future growth as it moves into the post-pandemic era, IGA President and CEO John Ross believes.

Deep Dive: Doubling Down on Loyalty Programs and Digital Investments to Boost Retention and Wallet Share

Restaurant industry innovators are adopting and deploying strategic digital transformation measures to drive revenue and increase retention of existing clientele. As part of the digital transformation, restaurants are looking beyond basic capabilities in mobile apps to see which features could have the stickiest impact.

Automated Boba Bar Startup Integrates Facial Recognition Payments to Build Loyalty Through Frictionless Convenience

The contactless restaurant payment space has grown enormously in the last year and a half. Now, Bobacino CEO Darian Ahler says in an interview with PYMNTS, consumers are finally ready to set aside their concerns and utilize facial recognition technology for simple and immediate boba bar payments.