Shopping App Provider Ranking Delivers the Goods

If you’re looking for shopping apps, PYMNTS delivers. In the latest Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, there are 11 apps that have scored high enough to make it into the top 10. 

The top four apps hold the same position they held last month, but there’s a lot of movement further down. Among the highlights are two movers and shakers that have improved their scores since last time. One has gained a position in the rankings since last month, while the other has leaped three spots. 

Now, let’s look at this month’s shopping list. 

The Top 5 

First on the list is SHEIN. This app stays on top with a score of 94. 

Two points behind is Amazon, which delivers a score of 92 and holds onto the runner-up spot. 

Just one point behind that is Walmart. It retains the No. 3 position with a score of 91. 

Also holding the same place in the rankings as it had last time is Nike. This app is running fourth with a score of 85. 

In the first change in the rankings, gains a position. This app now rests at No. 5 with a score of 84.  As that score is four points higher than last time, it’s also one of this month’s movers and shakers. 

The Top 10 

Bumped out of that position are the two apps that shared it last time. AliExpress and Fetch Rewards are now tied for sixth with a score of 80. 

There’s another change at No. 7 as Poshmark has landed here after leaping three positions. With a score that’s five points higher than last time — and now sits at 78 — this app is another mover and shaker. 

The app that held that spot last time is now just one point behind. eBay places the eighth highest bid with a score of 77. 

Also dropping back one position is Etsy, which has crafted a score of 75 and is now running ninth. 

Continuing the chain reaction and stepping down one position in the rankings is The Home Depot. With a score of 73, this app closes out the top 10 in this month’s Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.