Shipium and Passport Team on International Shipping for Brands and Retailers

Shipium and Passport have partnered to make international shipping easier for brands and retailers.

With this collaboration, Passport’s international parcel logistics service has been integrated into Shipium’s eCommerce shipping platform, the companies said in a Tuesday (March 7) press release.

“Brands and retailers need solution providers like Passport to reach their global audience,” Shipium CEO Jason Murray said in the release. “We are excited to be the fastest way for Passport customers to get started to get started through our pre-integrated platform.”

PYMNTS research has found that eCommerce merchants increasingly recognize the importance of catering to international customers.

One study of the top 50 eCommerce websites found that about half of them offered four or more languages and that 16 of the sites attracted more than 20% of their total traffic from other countries, as reported in the “Cross-Border Retail Payments Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and Citcon collaboration.

Another PYMNTS report found that with no end in sight to eCommerce growth, businesses can look forward to a growing volume of cross-border transactions.

Cross-border trading already accounts for $10 trillion of the more than $120 trillion traded between business partners, according to the “Expanding Payments Choice Playbook,” a PYMNTS and Onbe collaboration.

For brands and retailers looking to expand into international markets, the Shipium platform coordinates the different steps of the supply chain to optimize delivery speed, accuracy and shipping costs, while the Passport service manages the complexities associated with international shipping and provides end consumers in 150 countries with package tracking and customer support, according to the press release.

With Passport’s service integrated into Shipium’s platform, brands and retailers can launch new international shipping capabilities across their fulfillment network in an afternoon, with no need for professional services or service orders, the release said.

“We help brands and retailers seamlessly go live with international shipping by taking on the logistics and business burdens for customers,” Passport CEO and Co-founder Alex Yancher said in the release. “But the shipping technology at fulfillment locations is an important step to the seamless experience. Shipium is the best technology partner at helping our customers get started as fast as possible.”