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E.l.f. Begins Selling Physical Products Through Roblox Virtual Kiosk

Beauty brand e.l.f. has expanded its partnership with virtual world and gaming platform Roblox to include real-world commerce.

In the new virtual kiosk within the e.l.f. Up! experience on Roblox, which is powered by Walmart, U.S. visitors can buy a Roblox-exclusive limited-edition physical product — a hoodie — as well as a selection of other physical products that include a skincare product, lip balm and sunscreen, e.l.f. said in a Monday (July 1) press release.

Eligible users who purchase items through the virtual kiosk will also receive a “virtual twin” item for use on Roblox, according to the release.

“E.l.f. Up! has been lightning in a bottle since day one and continues to surpass all expectations, especially among our Gen Z community,” Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer at e.l.f. beauty, said in the release. “Testing commerce on Roblox is the next evolution in our journey of merging beauty with immersive platforms.”

The company launched its presence on Roblox in November and has since had more than 12 million total visits and has given more than 1 million free limited-edition virtual items to Roblox users, per the release.

With the launch of its virtual kiosk on the platform, e.l.f. is working with Roblox community creators to design the digital items that will be included with each purchase, according to the release.

“E.l.f. continues to break new ground on Roblox with its thoughtful iterations to the community experience and exclusive offerings tailored to our platform,” Stephanie Latham, vice president of global brand partnerships at Roblox, said in the release. “We are in the early days of testing commerce on Roblox, and we are excited to continue taking steps with brands like e.l.f. towards building the future of shopping, making it immersive, 3D and social.”

Roblox, which allows users to create and play games, has emerged as an appealing avenue for brands to not just vend products but also curate experiences for users, PYMNTS reported in November when e.l.f. launched its presence on the virtual platform.

The platform helps brands connect with their audience on a more profound level, nurturing loyalty and drawing in more discerning customers.

Meanwhile, e.l.f. launched a beauty shopping app for Apple’s spatial computer, Vision Pro, in February. The app includes features that take advantage of Vision Pro’s 3D user interface, creating a multi-sensory, immersive experience.

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