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LTK Adds Automatic Direct Message Tool to Creator Commerce Platform

LTK, social commerce, Instagram, direct messages

LTK has enhanced its Creator Commerce platform with a new automatic direct message (DM) tool that makes it easier for creators to share the shopping details of their Instagram posts with their community.

With this new tool, LTK DM, shoppers who comment “Shop” on an LTK Creator’s Instagram post will immediately receive an automated direct message that includes a direct link to the creator’s LTK featuring the product recommendations mentioned in the post, LTK said in a Thursday (June 20) press release.

The tool is launching this week and is available globally, according to the release.

“LTK has been a pioneer and an innovator in helping creators offer the most convenient shopping experience through social media platforms. And, more importantly, LTK has done it in a way that helps creators build their own community and destination,” Kit Ulrich, general manager of LTK’s Creator Shopping Platform, said in the release.

LTK DM is built directly into the posting flow on the LTK Creator app, makes it simple for creators to add automated DM capabilities to their Instagram posts, and eliminates the need for creators to individually share links and help their followers shop, per the release.

Because it enables shoppers to move immediately from the creator’s post to shopping the creator’s LTK, the tool can help LTK Creators boost their earnings by 60%, the release said.

LTK DM is the latest in a series of updates from the company that are designed to enhance the shopping experience for both creators and shoppers, per the release.

In April, LTK added new, longer-format videos on its platform. In March, it added community engagement features.

“LTK is committed to being the best platform for creators to reliably monetize their entire digital audience,” Ulrich said in the Thursday press release.

Creators and influencers have moved beyond their conventional roles as simple product endorsers, and transformed into trusted advisors who play a pivotal role in shaping the customer journey, Ulrich told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in January.

“Creators are becoming this new distribution channel that can do that very authentically,” Ulrich said at the time.

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