Justice Department Brings Charges In Yahoo Breach Case

Later this morning, the Justice Department is widely expected to announce charges in the Yahoo hacking attacks. According to reports in Bloomberg from an unnamed government source, it is at this time unknown if the charges are in relation to the billion-account 2013 hack of Yahoo or the half-billion 2014 hack of Yahoo.

So far, Yahoo has declined to comment — as has Verizon, which is buying Yahoo’s core Internet business. Verizon has already lowered its buy price because of the data breach disclosures, dropping it $350 million to $4.48 billion. The two companies will share some legal and regulatory liabilities arising from the breaches.

The Department of Justice will reportedly be bringing charges against four people suspected of participating in massive online security breaches. One suspect was reportedly set to be arrested in Canada yesterday, though there is no confirmation that that arrest has taken place.

Three of the other suspects are currently in Russia, according to the unnamed source.

More on this story as it develops.