TikTok to Allow Users to Tip Favorite Creators


In an effort to recognize “the creativity and passion” of its creators, TikTok has launched a service called Creator Next, which lets creators unlock tools that reward their efforts.

The social media giant announced the roll out Wednesday (Dec. 1), saying it would be paired with two new features “that allow the community to show their appreciation” to creators.

“From those making TikTok videos ‘just for fun’ to side hustlers and those who consistently create, we know creators have different goals, motivations, and expectations,” the announcement says. “Designed with this in mind, the features available through Creator Next offer a variety of ways for the TikTok community to reward their favorite creators.”

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First up, there’s the Tips feature, which lets people show the gratitude to creators, “much like recognizing exceptional service or giving a standing ovation.”

As with standard tipping, creators will receive 100 percent of the tip value, with payments processed by Stripe, allowing creators to sign up quickly and use a simple dashboard to manage their earnings.

TikTok says it’s also rolling out a tool called Video Gifts, which lets creators collect Diamonds — gifts from viewers worth 5 cents — by going live and posting videos.

“This also gives people an all-new way to interact and engage with content they love,” the platform said in its announcement.

Meanwhile, TikTok says it wants to make it easier for creators and brands to collaborate, which is why the platform is opening the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) to more users. Creator Next will allow eligible creators with at least 10,000 followers sign up to the marketplace to collaborate with brands that match their style and interest, giving them further ways to get paid.

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Earlier this year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s Instagram would offer creators new ways to earn revenue, such as a marketplace that matches brand with creators whose work fits the brands’ target market.

In March, Facebook announced it was unveiling several ways for creators to monetize their content, such as opening its program to more creators and allowing access to in-stream ads for Live presentations.