Google Assistant Isn’t Helping Some Android Wear Customers

Google is facing backlash from some Android Wear customers who are complaining that Google Assistant can only do Google searches on their watches.

According to a news report in Android Police, customers have taken to Google’s Google Product Forums’ Android Wear Help Forum to complain about the mobile app issue with their Wear 2.0 wearables.

Google Assistant, which can do a host of things like set calendar reminders, send texts and control appliances in the home, is only letting watch users conduct Google searches on its Google app. The users are pointing to a Google app update gone wrong and have said uninstalling the mobile app update is a temporary fix, reported Android Police.  

According to Android Police, community manager Ernest commented in the forum with this message: “Hi everyone, We identified some issues in Google Assistant for Android Wear that we are working to fix. We will be gathering bug reports from an email that you will receive, let us know. Thx!”

This isn’t the first time Android Wear has run into issues. Back in February, a report surfaced that some of the credit cards that work with Android Pay wouldn’t work on the Android Wear watches. According to a report at the time, the two banks’ credit cards that wouldn’t work included Citibank and Wells Fargo.

In the case of Wells Fargo, the cards included Consumer Debit Visa, Consumer Credit Visa and American Express and Small Business Credit and Debit Visa. The report noted an Android Pay help page says: “At this time, these cards aren’t supported on Android Wear.”

In the case of Citi, the credit cards that didn’t work with Android Wear 2.0 included Citi Visa Credit, Citi Mastercard Debit and Credit, Hilton Visa Credit, Expedia Mastercard and Visa Credit, Costco AnyWhere Consumer and AT&T Mastercard — an issue which has since been remedied, according to a Citi spokeswoman.