Digital Receipt Firm ReceiptHero Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect

digital receipt

ReceiptHero, which helps companies digitize the customer-receipting process, has joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program, a program that helps connect Visa clients in Europe with tech providers that have undergone special vetting.

The partnership strengthens the company’s relationship with Visa and provides access to new markets in Europe, ReceiptHero said in a Friday (Aug. 12) announcement.

“Partnerships is a core part of what we do, and Visa’s Fintech Partner Connect program allows us to reach more Visa clients and partners in achieving next-level platform growth,” ReceiptHero Chief Operating Officer Chris Moore said in the announcement.

ReceiptHero provides merchants and issuers with real-time digital receipts, operating in European countries including Switzerland and Finland.

An advantage of the ReceiptHero, the company says on its website, is that retailers are able to use the receipting process to launch digital relationships with customers. ReceiptHero, according to the company’s website, removes the need for businesses to create their own loyalty apps for customers.

For cashiers, according to the company, the checkout process is unchanged, and “receipt delivery happens automatically in the background.”

“We’ve got so far into digital payments innovation and yet we are just beginning to see digital receipts become more widely available to cardholders,” Visa Product and Fintech Partnerships Director Federico Sanavio said in the announcement. “We picked ReceiptHero to be our partner for connecting merchants’ cash register and POS solutions with our clients’ digital channels — with the ultimate goal of accelerating adoption of digital receipts across Europe.”

So far, ReceiptHero has been deployed at about 3,000 retail locations, according to the company.

The company, which says customers prefer digital receipts to paper ones, states in its marketing materials that it has numerous safeguards to protect customer data in place.

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