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Deel Taps Alviere to Help Global Companies Pay US Workers

Deel has extended its strategic investment in Alviere, aiming to help global companies hire and pay workers in the United States.

The Alviere embedded finance and compliance program has already been integrated into Deel’s global human resources (HR) and payroll platform, the companies said in a Tuesday (May 28) press release.

“Alviere’s strong compliance and breadth and financial products make it more seamless for global companies to hire and pay in the U.S., and this partnership completes our global payments coverage,” Philippe Bouaziz, chief financial officer at Deel, said in the release.

The Deel platform is designed for global teams and helps companies with every aspect of managing a workforce, according to the release. It is used for independent contractors and full-time employees in more than 150 countries.

The partnership with Alviere adds faster and more streamlined payouts and a wallet solution, the release said. It also enables greater choice and convenience around financial products for both Deel customers and their teams.

Because Alviere is a regulated financial institution, these solutions are provided with compliance, security and fraud prevention, including an added layer of know your business and anti-money laundering (KYB/AML) review, per the release.

“The combination of the Deel vision and our capabilities allows companies worldwide to more easily hire, pay and retain key talent — all with the utmost security and compliance,Pedro Silva, co-founder and CEO of Alviere, said in the release.

In another recent move, Alviere said in March that it added the ability for its clients to expand their co-branded debit card incentives by offering merchant-funded rewards.

Free loyalty programs give co-brand, loyalty and reward companies a chance to examine their offers and customize rewards for their customers, the company said when announcing this addition. For example, an airline can use its co-branded card to offer rewards at hotels, vacation rental marketplaces or resorts most relevant to passengers.

As for Deel, it said in March that it was acquiring payroll and HR firm PaySpace to give its customers greater coverage as well as faster and more flexible payroll.

PaySpace operates in 44 countries across the Middle East and Africa and has more than 14,000 customers.